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Client : PRIVÉ


Project length : 4 Months


Projects : Branding, Logo Design, Signage Design, Furniture Design, Lighting Design, Center Piece Design, Interior Design

Privé is the most exclusive one-stop entertainment center in Senayan/Sudirman area, opening in April 2012 in Jakarta. It's a refine new concept of entertainment destination owned by Tamara Bleszynski and Ingkan Rebecca. Located at the 8th and the top most floor of FX' Sudirman, Privé combines multiple concepts of lounge, restaurant and club in one place.

maruxdesign has succesfully created Privé new image and branding, we re-design the entire 1500 m2 layout. During the project, not entirely must start from zero, the challenge here is to maintain the cost, yet we must create  something completely new.