Marux Design - Design Consultancy



Truth and certainty build trust. We believe the quality in a service or product is not what we put into it, It is what the client gets out of it.

Concept Ideation

At maruxdesign we offer a complete range of preliminary & conceptual design to involvement of cross-functional disciplines which means we enthusiastically comprehend new product idea and invention into products.We consistently engage in the process and research from scratch to support our client’s vision to come alive.


Company branding is what makes your product unique. With us you can create your company’s philosophy with visual expressions implementing vary strategic planning approaches for a lasting impression. Hence, by sending the right communication strategy for our clients’ product to the right market, touch points will be established.


Product Design

Research and extensive experimentation in the existing or under development products are the method we adopt. Human factors and awareness of our environmental condition play an important role while we are brainstorming ideas. Tactile and kinesthetic approach are used then followed by what we called "form follow function", prototype making, testing the product, follow up, produce and convey.

Visual Communication

Communication is the first thing we learn in life, it is very important that our client understand what we are trying to provide them, we will make sure it is delivered properly. Therefore, we equip our clients with visual communication through digital artwork which will be supported with photo realistic rendering and prototyping in 3D form if needed.

Visual Communication